µC/MQTT v1.00.01


  • µC/CPU V1.30.00
  • µC/LIB V1.38.00
  • µC/Common V1.00.00
  • µC/TCP-IP V3.04.00
  • Mocana nanoSSL V6.3.00 [Optional]

New Features & Improvements

  • Checks were added to avoid re-using an already used MQTTc_CONN or MQTTc_MSG structure.
  • Better error handling when connection is closed.
  • Better error reporting when connection is closed.
  • MQTTc_CONN had an unused field, which has been removed.
  • Mutual Authentication support with µC/TCP-IP V3.04

API Changes

  • None

Bug Fixes

  • Continuation bit in large transfers was not set correctly.
  • An infinite loop could occur under certain conditions if a connection was closed, re-opened and a transfer re-executed without clearing the connection.
  • Connection is now emptied of every message on closure, the message's callback(s) is/are called accordingly.
  • Problems could appear when receiving a message byte per byte.

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