µC/OS-II v2.92.12


  • µC/CPU V1.29.01 or more recent.
  • µC/LIB V1.38.00 or more recent.

New Features & Improvements

  • ARM-Cortex-M Port: Added Generic port for ARM Cortex-M3, M4 and M7 devices.
  • ARM-Cortex-M0 Port: Added support for ARM Cortex-M0+ devices.
  • MSP430x Port: Added CCS toolchain support for MSP430x5xx devices.
  • RL78 Port: Added GNURL78 toolchain support.
  • TI C2000 (C28x) Port: Added support for Piccolo and Delfino devices.

API Changes


Bug Fixes

Core: OSSafetyCritical Flag now checked in all OS???Create() and OS???Del() functions.


  • ARM-Cortex-A Generic: FP execution context now properly restored.
  • ARM-Cortex-M0: Stack usage is now AAPCS-compatible.
  • ARM-Cortex-M3: Stack usage is now AAPCS-compatible and port no longer wastes stack space for every task.
  • ARM-Cortex-M4: Port no longer wastes stack space for every task.

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