µC/TCP-IP v3.04.00


  • µC/CPU V1.30.00
  • µC/LIB V1.38.00
  • µC/Common V1.00.00
  • µC/DNSc V2.01.00 [Optional]
  • Mocana nanoSSL V6.3.00 [Optional]

New Features & Improvements

  • Added SSL/TLS Mutual Authentication support:
    New API : NetSock_CfgSecureClientCertKey()
  • Updated Mocana's port for NanoSSL v6.3 and Mutual Authentication

API Changes

  • Modified structure NET_APP_SOCK_SECURE_CFG for Mutual Authentication:
  • Added field MutualAuthPtr

Bug Fixes

In Source Code

  • Fixed possible RX buffer leak in function NetTCP_RxPktConnHandler().
  • Modified the ARP cache to allow upper layer to send packet even if the cache entry is renewing.
  • Fixed issue in NetSock_Sel() related to double release of Globlal Network Lock.
  • Fixed usage of wrong timeout value for the TCP connection in state LAST-ACK.
  • Fixed global locking issue in NetICMP_TxEchoReq() function.
  • Fixed issue in BSD function recv(): buffer's size argument passed could be bigger than maximum of type CPU_INT16U.
  • Added modifications so that functions NetSock_CfgRxQ_Size() and NetSock_CfgTxQ_Size() can be called after NetSock_Open() for a client type application.
  • Fixed issue in IPv6 SLAAC process : Process would stall if an IPv6 router advertisement was received before the IPv6 router solicitation that is sent during the process.
  • Fixed issues in IPv6 DAD module:
    • DAD timeout value was increased to insure that the DAD process had time to complete.
    • In internal function NetIPv6_CfgAddrAddHandler(), 'if' statement was correctly modified to an 'else if'.

In Drivers

  • TI-EMAC:
    • Fixed issue in MAC address assignment.
    • Fixed issue related to value of soft reset timeout.

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