Use a Kernel in Your IoT Designs

By Christian Legare

I won’t attempt to define the Internet of Things (IoT). Given its current state of development, many technologies and communication protocols still need to be defined. However, that’s also why there is room for innovation and definition. We have enough of the building blocks today to make the IoT a reality, so no one should hesitate to start developing products or systems to capture a portion of this emerging market.

An IoT system comprises many components, including the thing itself (the embedded device), local networking (wired or wireless), the Internet, new IoT protocols, and, finally, some type of cloud-based subsystem. It’s clear, though, that 32-bit processors will be prevalent for the embedded devices in IoT systems.

There still will be many 8-bit and 16-bit processors for low-power sensors and actuators. But because of the IoT’s communication requirements, 32-bit processors will surpass any other processor architecture.

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