Renesas RX111 Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Kit

YWireless-RX111The Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity kit for the RX111 (YWireless-RX111) provides a useful embedded development environment that you can use to design and build your IoT applications on the RX111 32-bit microcontroller quickly and efficiently. The starter kit allows for easy evaluation of the capabilities of the device, its peripherals and Micrium’s embedded software components by providing a simple platform to get an IoT demo up and running quickly.

The YWireless IoT Starter Kit includes:

The kit is pre-programmed with Micrium Spectrum RTOS kernel and components, and the company’s "Smart Garage Door IoT demo," which uses Micrium Spectrum software to connect to Medium One’s IoT cloud.

Smart Garage Door Demo

The Smart Garage Door IoT demo emulates the remote monitoring and control of a garage door. It simulates an auto-close feature where a Medium One workflow will command the garage door to close if no activity is detected after two minutes with the door open. It also simulates a service event with the door, making Medium One issue a diagnostic message to a predefined user.

This pre-configured platform shows developers how to quickly and easily integrate embedded devices with cloud-based enterprise solutions and ERP; benefitting from the power of the cloud and meeting real-time requirements.

The Smart Garage Door IoT demo comes preconfigured as the factory-installed demo on the YWireless-RX111. The source code is also available for download from the Micrium web site.

Video: Renesas YWireless-RX111 IoT Starter Kit

Getting Started with the Cloud Connectivity Kit and Micrium Software

To get started developing IoT applications with Micrium:

  1. Purchase the Renesas Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity kit for the RX111 (YWireless-RX111).
    The kit is available directly from Renesas Electronics.
  2. Activate your YWireless-RX111 IoT Starter Kit.
    Visit to activate your kit.
  3. Learn about the Renesas Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity kit for the RX111.
    The YWireless Quick Start Guide will familiarize you with the Micrium Smart Garage Door IoT demo, and allow you to interact with your board.